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Torah in a Nutshell

Get the whole picture.

What would it be like to comprehend the five books of the Torah as a complete, organic entity? Not a bit here or there, but a solid grasp of how it all fits together, with a grounding in all the foundation concepts? This pioneering course from London School of Jewish Studies, under Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks ztz’l, has given thousands of people worldwide a paradigm-shifting perspective in just six sessions!

We examine the Chumash from seven key perspectives, at the same time providing a methodology for analysing any part of the text with classic methods of analysis. By trying out these methods yourself, this interactive course helps you acquire knowledge and context way beyond what you’d achieve in a passive process (no knowledge of Hebrew or extensive background is needed).


You’ll never look at the Torah the same way again.

PLEASE NOTE: Each session is 2 hours

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