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What makes a good life?

Inspiration through the lens of Jewish wisdom and the bookshelves of the world.

If you wander into any bookstore (online or real), one of the most prevalent themes throughout literature is: ‘How to live a good life’ Join the conversation with Brene Brown, Sheryl Sandberg, Jordan Peterson, Viktor Frankl, Pedram Shojai, Rolf Dobelli and reflect with Rav Kook, Rabbi Akiva, Rav Soloveitchik, Rabbi David Nossel, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Dr Erica Brown and others. We plumb the depths of happiness and joy; daring, doing and resilience; faith, meaning and storytelling; giving and taking; stillness and being. Do we agree with these ideas? Do we like them? What resonates with us more? There are books which lend 21st language to ancient Torah wisdom, and there are books which challenge preconceived thoughts and beliefs.

This is a voyage of exploration through the vision presented by 18 different authors on this topic, and reflected through the prism of Jewish thought.

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