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Zionism in a Nutshell

Grasp the facts – 4,000 years – in a nutshell  

For so many Jews, Zionism is a word that raises the most powerful of emotions. But our knowledge of it is patchy and disconnected. Imagine getting the whole picture – the core patterns of Zionism which have recurred for the past 4,000 years and are currently playing out once more. Imagine having the tools to grasp most core issues and frame them in terms of history, space, geopolitics, internal Jewish dynamics, spiritual trends, external dynamics and to be able to present that to anyone.  

We’ll begin with a bird’s-eye view: 4,000 years from 40,000 feet up. We’ll then zoom in a little closer, all the while seeing how the long-term trends emerge and repeat themselves in an endless dancing pattern of history.

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