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Not In G-d's Name (Rabbi Sacks)

Exploring the book "Not in G-d's Name" by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks ztz’l.

I believe that I am a character in our people’s story, with my own chapter to write, and so are we all. To be a Jew is to see yourself as part of that story, to make it live in our time, and to do your best to hand it on to those who will come after us. – Rabbi Jonathan Sacks ztz’l

Rabbi Sacks, thinker, philosopher, rabbi and leader, loved books and words, authoring more than 20 during his life. These works, erudite, passionate have inspired and changed lives. In them, Rabbi Sacks’ approaches to life, humanity and Judaism are so often radically different from our expectations: they are transformative, counterintuitive and more relevant even years later.

The Academy Book Club is a space for those who love reading, who love books, or think, as many of our ancestors did, that the true wealth of the Jewish people lies in our ideas, thoughts and books. 

Here we will showcase and discuss one of Rabbi Sacks’ works, delving into its ideas, many unusual, new or even controversial. Through looking at the themes, we’ll appreciate the power of words, particularly those of one who could be said to be “the master of words.”

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