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When you subscribe to any of our membership plans you will be able to save your contact details for easier bookings, and will receive notifications of new courses, events, learning opportunities and relevant special offers.

The Explorer Plan

Get free access to:
  • Selected online courses and material.
  • Samples of digital content, past course recordings, podcasts, booklets and more.
Pay As You Go with your debit or credit card on checkout when you book for individual courses.
Sign up now and receive our two-part course "Find Your Voice" and course materials for FREE!



The Unlimited Learner

Unlimited Learners receive a voucher code that can be redeemed against any course booking and/or content downloads at checkout.
Unlimited Learners have access to:
  • All live courses
  • All past courses
  • All downloads - booklets, podcasts & more
Grab our R180/mo. 10th Anniversary Special and save 80% and more on course fees alone!

Please contact us if you have any questions or require assistance with the signup process.

  • All online courses

Sponsor A Student

​Subscribe to The Unlimited Learner Plan and help provide a learning journey for someone else.

An 18A certificate will be provided annually.

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