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About Us

Our Mission, Vision, Values & Goals


Our mission is to create a vibrant, Modern-Orthodox programme for Jewish learning, thought and scholarship, that inspires our community with a lifelong love of Jewish learning and Israel; and to utilise this platform to impact broader society in all ways.


Our vision is for the Academy to be the heartbeat of the traditional, Zionist South African Jewish community, ensuring its values are relevant and dynamic for the next generation of Jews, with inspired, skilled and trained educators and leaders.

  1. Ivdu et Hashem beSimchah – we sense a real joy and privilege in everything we do, especially the hard things, as part of our mission for Hashem.

  2. Yozmah – innovate and take the initiative!

  3. Yosher – authenticity, doing the outstandingly right thing.

  4. Ichpatiyut – Care! Caring for our team and all our students with empathy.

  5. Rosh Gadol – maintaining a big picture view.

  6. Yachad - One for all and all for one – every challenge is ours!

  7. Ein lo yachol, yeish rak lo rotzeh – We deliver on our commitments, no matter what.

  8. Miktzo’iyut – Professionalism in every way.

  9. Eizehu chacham? Halomed mikol adam – Constant learning and improvement and actively seeking constructive input on our strengths and weaknesses.

  1. To educate adults by increasing their Jewish knowledge, improving their textual skills and building their confidence as independent learners.

  2. To develop outstanding educators who teach with love, respect, openness, intellectual honesty and creativity.

  3. To study with Yirat Shamayim, a profound reverence for Hashem, in order to appreciate Jewish knowledge within its G-dly context.

  4. To promote the full participation of women in Jewish learning and teaching.

  5. To foster a culture of love for knowledge, higher learning and open discussion within the field of Jewish learning.

  6. To promote a culture of respect and tolerance within the field of Jewish learning.

  7. To encourage our students to help create this culture through passing on their own knowledge and experiences at home and within their own communities.

  8. To exchange ideas at the highest level through academic research and the advanced study of traditional Jewish texts.

  9. To deepen our community’s understanding and love for Israel.

  10. To examine critical issues facing modern society with intellectual honesty, integrity and courage; in order to understand and develop Torah responses.

  11. To work with the wider community in achieving these goals.

Our Leadership and Faculty

  • Chairperson: Stacey Dembo

  • Treasurer: Menachem Kay

  • Dean: Rabbi Ramon Widmonte

  • Member: Michael Sternberg

  • Member: Dorothy Sank


​Our faculty is drawn from the wide base of thinking, passionate Jews throughout South Africa. Most are professionals by day – doctors, professors, actuaries, lawyers, teachers, psychologists, conservationists and some Rabbis. All are united by their quest for knowledge, love of Torah and desire to learn from and with the members of The Academy community.

Our Prospectus and Annual Reports


Open/download The Academy Prospectus 2024 in PDF​​.


Open/download our most recent annual reports with signed financials in PDF.

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