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Tanach in a Year

Would you dare open it? Few books may be said to be truly great, even fewer regarded as dangerous. For millennia, the Tanach (Hebrew Bible) has stirred debate, dissension, war, love, cruelty and hope. Men and women have gone to their deaths with its words on their lips, while believers have struggled through all adversity because of its meaning. Poets have marvelled at its passionate and sensual images; scholars have been left in awe by the scope of its tales; while ordinary individuals have found comfort and courage in its bare, honest accounts of tragedy and restoration. Is it any wonder that it has been called “The Book of Books?” This ground-breaking course, originally from the London School of Jewish Studies is a world first. It presents a unique opportunity to explore the ultimate Jewish text in all of its glory and grit and discover for yourself what it is really trying to say and what meaning it has for the modern world. Cover the entire Tanach in 27 weeks and gain insight into its central themes and messages. Learn the history, marvel at the imagery and explore its understanding of G-d, humanity and this world. Because a book this daring deserves to be read.

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