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Jordan B. Peterson shot to world prominence amongst significant controversy, but at the same time, he garnered a worldwide following of people who appreciated a profound scholar of religion, religious history and the complex interplay between theology, morals, politics and more. Amongst others, his series on the psychological significance of the book of B'reishit (Genesis) is challenging, thought-provoking and eye-opening, stepping boldly into Torah and asking us some important questions.


Join Jake Shepherd and Rav Ramon Widmonte for a deep dive into some of Jordan Peterson's most transformative ideas in the light of Torah; because we all look at the world through stories, we cannot help it – and perhaps the story we tell ourselves should not be: "We're okay the way we are," but rather: "we could be so much more."


This course goes well with Judaism and Harari.

Judaism and Jordan B

  • Rav Ramon Widmonte and Jake Shepherd

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