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Over the year of Covid-19, the Jewish world lost a number of its great rabbinic leaders. Having already examined the works of Rabbi Sacks zt”l, this term we celebrate others, their thought and their legacy. These include: Rabbi Yehuda Henkin, Rabbi Abraham Twersky, Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, Rabbi Norman Lamm, and in South Africa, Rabbi Abraham Tanzer and Rabbi Desmond Maizels – of blessed memory.


Join The Academy, Dalya Erster and guests as we consider not just the impact of these leaders but how we process their loss. How do we preserve and safeguard their wisdom, their thought, their writing and their contributions to their own communities and to the Jewish world at large? We’ll uncover some themes in their works and lives, and hear from people who studied with them or knew them well, to arrive at the legacy they have left behind.


And in a similar vein, have a look at the course "Impact" (available as a LWYL course here).


  • Dalya Erster and guests

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