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With the establishment of the State of Israel, a new era began in the history of the Jews – not only from a national and political point of view but also from that of Halacha – Jewish Law. Halacha has always needed to find ways is built to respond thoughtfully and sensitively to new situations, and the new State brought a wealth of questions that had not been considered for two thousand years.


Join Rabbi Aviad Tabory and the Academy in looking at four decisive moments in the history of the modern State of Israel from a halachic perspective. These topics were controversial for both Israeli society and the religious establishment and still have much to teach us today.


1948: Daring to declare – a state and a festival?

1965: Our Man in Damascus: Eli Cohen – How far May One Go to Protect the State of Israel?

1976: Operation Yonatan: The Raid on Entebbe – Exchanging Prisoners for Live Terrorists

1995: Rabin’s assassination – The Authority and Status of the Head of State

The State of Israel - History and Halacha Pt 1

  • Rabbi Aviad Tabory

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