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The book of Jonah, to quote Churchill, is “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.” Its simplicity belies the complexity that lies just beneath the surface. Filled with questions, its characters - human, animal and plant - are fascinating, and some frankly fanciful. A prophet who fights his destiny, an evil city that makes good... and a big fish. Yet, not only is it part of the Jewish canon, but part of the service on the holiest day of the year – Yom Kippur.

Join the Academy and Ilana Stein on a textual, national and spiritual voyage 20,000 leagues into the murky depths as we delve into its language and concepts and discover the value of return, reinvigoration, repentance and revolution encapsulated in the belly of this powerful book.

Because the voyage can be more powerful than the destination.

Yonah - Complexity Beneath The Surface

  • Ilana Stein

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