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In 1917, the cogs of history meshed for a brief moment, prompting the world’s powers to sanction the creation of a "Jewish National Home". The Balfour Declaration opened a new era in Jewish and Zionist history. But how did the Zionist dream survive the machinations and intrigues of the British Foreign Office and the interests of European colonial powers? How did they reshape the Middle East in their own image and create a host of new countries?


The actions of the colonial powers after World War I set the stage for 100 years of conflict and strife, with more ink and hopeful Noble Peace Prize-winner speeches being spilled over it than any other.


Join the Academy and Rabbi Ramon Widmonte for a four-session odyssey into one of the most unlikely series of events in modern history – the recreation of the Jewish State after 2000 years of silence and its birth into a Middle East of ill-assorted countries each at war with each other and with the Jews. Page through recently-released documentation and sail the seas of international intrigue and avarice; grasp its impact on Jews and Arabs alike and meet the heroes of Jewish history who made it possible. Examine with us the unlikely nature of the Abraham Accords as well as its inevitability.


Because it's a Brave New World out there.

Brave New Middle East | From Balfour to the Abraham Accords

  • Rabbi Ramon Widmonte

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