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Chanukah seems to be a simple festival, almost made for youngsters. Goodies vs. baddies and a cool miracle. But dive deeper into the murky depths behind the fun – and you’ll find there are more questions than answers.


How do we know the story of Chanukah? If it’s so important, why isn’t the story in our Tanach? Why do the rabbis of the Talmud choose to focus on the miracle of the oil? And, why, out of the many miracles in our long history, did our sages choose to dedicate an entire eight-day festival (including hallel and Torah readings) to this one? Where does Maoz Tzur come from and what’s with that dreidl?


We dive deeply into history, texts, law and custom, meaning and motives, and find that it’s not as simple as we may have thought.


Turns out that there’s more to Chanukah than meets the eye….


enLIGHTenment - The Chanukah You Thought You Knew

  • Ilana Stein

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