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Matza and manna. Kneidlach and kugel. Milk and honey. Jews and food, it seems, go together like bagel and lox.


Where does the relationship with Jews and food begin? Do we eat to live or live to eat? The desire to eat begins in Genesis and continues throughout Jewish history; from the vegans of the Garden of Eden to the post-flood carnivores; from the gluttony in the desert to the wine and bread of Shabbat.


Join the Academy and Dr Yardena Bauer for an investigation of Jews and their relationship with food, from the beginning of the Bible to the Shul Brocha (Kiddush).


Through a combination of text and neuroscience, Jewish law, tradition and nutrition, we’ll unpack what lies behind taste and texture, desire, addiction and health.

Food, G-d, Neuroscience and the Jews

  • Dr Yardena Bauer

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