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The expulsion from Spain ended the glory of one of the diaspora’s most prominent Jewish communities. What ensued were the stories of two groups: Conversos who stayed in Spain, pretending to convert to Christianity and suffering the fires of the Inquisition; and those who left - a landless mass of Jews searching for a new home and old freedoms, but burning with the thirst for vengeance against their Spanish tormentors. Rembrandt, master of the portrait, lived with them, painted them and played a role in the creation of an interfaith Messianic movement centred on the writings of one of most charismatic Dutch Sephardic Rabbis, Rabbi Menashe ben Israel.


Join the Academy & Rabbi Ramon Widmonte in an exploration of the glory, downfall and resurgence of Sepharad, the fires of the auto-da-fe, the art of Rembrandt, Messianic movements, the New World and sweet revenge.

Rembrandt's Sephardim

  • Rabbi Ramon Widmonte

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